congratulations to the cygnet society class of 2011

The Cygnet Society of Tulsa Ballet is an educational outreach program specifically created for eighth grade girls. The program is designed to offer interested young ladies the privilege of experiencing an insider’s view of the art. Through educational workshops, social experiences, community service and ballet performances, the goal is to help each girl have fun, build confidence, develop leadership skills, make new friends and instill a life-long appreciation of the ballet. The highlight of The Cygnet Society program will be the on-stage presentation of these young ladies before the curtain rises on Tulsa Ballet’s production of Exceptional Synergy, Sunday, March 27, 2011, at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

Congratulations Cygnet Society Class of 2011!

Olivia Marie Barnum

daughter of Linda & Ray Barnum


Madeleine Ann Berry

daughter of Carol & Monty Berry


Preslea Paige Borin

daughter of Lesa & John Smaligo and Shelli & Chad Borin


Meghan Leigh Clark

daughter of Carri & Nathan Clark


Lindsey Nicole Dawson

daughter of Ginger & Tom Dawson


Isabella Marie DeBenedetti

daughter of Michelle & Michael DeBenedetti


Langley Margaret Dunn

daughter of Mendi & Jeff Dunn


Brooke Nichole Fisher

daughter of Wendi & Robert Fisher


Helen Torrey Fore

daughter of Tanya & Eric Fore and Hetty Fore & Matt Galloway


Kristopher Logan Grant

daughter of Christi & Bill Grant and Kelley Grant


Zoe Quinn Hanna

daughter of Chris & Jon Hanna


Haley Jordan Hanna

daughter of Chris & Jon Hanna


Cora Kiyoko Hasegawa

daughter of Janet & Alan Hasegawa


Madeline Grace Hassell

daughter of Michelle & Jeff Hassell


Macy Carter Heins

daughter of Kelly & Mike Wilhelm and Jim Heins


Anne Daugherty Jordan

daughter of Shawn & Patrick Jordan


Ashley Elizabeth King

daughter of Sherry & Kristopher King


Lauren Olivia-Miao Lusk

daughter of Charlene & Steven Lusk


Isabelle Elise Marshall

daughter of Cindy & Cary Marshall


Emily Marie Meador

daughter of Susan & Mark Meador


Hailey Rose Milsten

daughter of Mary & Marc Milsten


Madison McKee Moon

daughter of Vicky & David Moon


Elizabeth Nicole Nelson

daughter of Megan & John Nelson


Emma Elizabeth Owens

daughter of Carol & Greg Owens


Jessica Mary Palmer

daughter of Caitlin & Roderick Palmer


Megan Elizabeth Parham

daughter of Candace & Daran Parham


Raegan Tyler Poole

daughter of Jennifer & Tracy Poole


Claire Elizabeth Samples

daughter of Karen Perrin


Natalie Celeste Schelbar

daughter of Lanna & Joe Schelbar


Courtney Celeste Snapp

daughter of Beth & Randall Snapp


McKenzie Leigh Stinson

daughter of Sheri & Charles Stinson


Nicole Blair Vanderburg

daughter of Carol Bush and Adam Vanderburg


Sara Ann Vaughan

daughter of Lisa & David Vaughan


Sarah Elizabeth Weeldreyer

daughter of Susan & John Weeldreyer


Jillian Johnson White

daughter of Monica & Paul White

Chairs Michelle Hassel and Cindy Marshall

Mother/daughter party - Bunko night

Potluck dinner with the dancers

Meeting Ma Cong and Soo Youn Cho

Cygnets get to know Company member Sarah Jane Crespo

Soo Youn Cho speaks to the girls about dancing the lead in Swan Lake

At the performance of Swan Lake

A dance workshop with Ballet Mistress Susan Frei