Icons and Idols

Feb 21, 2012 in General News


TULSA, Okla. – Feb. 20, 2012 - Icons and Idols will take us back to the 1920’s when members of the Ballets Russes and the most influential artists, designers and musicians from the early 20th Century were traveling the world.
Imagine an event set in Paris, mingling and mixing with your friends, sipping a glass of Veuve Clicquot. Coco Chanel is sitting behind you…F. Scott Fitzgerald is standing in the corner…Pablo Picasso just walked in the door! 
As this era saw the development of the Ballets Russes, Icons and Idols is also the perfect occasion to honor Tulsa Ballet’s founders, Roman Jasinski and Moscelyne Larkin, two original members of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. As Icons and Idols commemorates the golden era of the past, it will also support Tulsa Ballet’s impact on our community’s future. Chairs Jackie Kouri and Gary Paxton, with Honorary Chair Mollie Williford, invite you to join them for this stunning evening at the Tulsa Convention Center on March 16, 2012, beginning at 6:30 p.m. As you enjoy your savory multi-course meal, take pleasure in the sights and sounds of 20th century Paris and the opportunity for bidding on the luxury auction items and unique experiences. At 9:00 p.m. join your friends from Tulsa Ballet to dance the night away with live music at the Icons and IdolsAfter Party. Icons and Idolsis sure to be an exceptional event - with live entertainment, a phenomenal auction, and an atmosphere of absolute elegance. For main event tickets ($250) or after-party tickets ($75) please visit www.IconsandIdols.org.

Tulsa Ballet is grateful to its generous sponsors and patrons:

Golden Era Patron
Ann Graves
The George Kaiser Family Foundation
Bonnie Klein

Art Deco Patron
Jo and Jack Babbitt

Chanel Patron
Lou and Connie Miller Foundation
Charles and Marion Weber Foundation
Mollie Williford
Picasso Patron
Roy "Skip" Teel, Jr.
UBS Securities

Stravinsky Patron
Mary and Jim Barnes, in honor of Jackie Kouri & Gary Paxton and Mollie Williford
Billie and Howard Barnett
Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher
Elizabeth and Roger Hagans
Omni Air International
Hannah and Joe Robson
Patsy Savage
The Williams Foundation
Kathy and Bob West

Hemingway Patron
Barclay’s Capital
Margery Mayo Bird
Mary Wheeler and Spencer Brown
Erin and Don Chappel
Jackie Cooper Imports and Nissan
Deutsche Bank
Frederic Dorwart
Fellers, Snider, Blankenship, Bailey & Tippens, P.C.
Lynne Imhoff and Luiz Weksler
Andy Kinslow
Tom Kivisto
Jackie Kouri and Gary Paxton
Mike Krimbill
Mary McMahon and Lon Foster
Marian and Jim McCarthy
Betty and Stephen Pirnat
Royal Bank of Scotland
Monica Williford

Matisse Patron
Ellen and Stephen Adelson
The Bama Companies
Bank of Oklahoma
Linda and Ray Booker
Cheryl and Lawrence Chambers
Patricia G. Chernicky
Bryan Close, in honor of Mollie Williford
Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP
Crossland Construction
Janie and Earl Funk
Joan Hunt
IBC Bank
Suzanne and Jim Kneale
Marilyn Strange
Ed and Sylvia Taylor
University of Tulsa
WPX Energy
Karen and Carl Young
Rachel Zebrowski and Ben Costello

Dali Patron
Judy and Ronnie Altman
Lisa and Steven Antry
Neill Bear and Ed Rogers, in honor of Mollie Williford
Pattie and David Bowman
Carol and Bill Burnett
Rosalie Childs
Kathleen Coan
Toby Fell
Cheryl and John Forrest
Jacqui and Roger Haglund
Katrine and Ramez Hakim
Julia and David Harper
Kirsten and Mark Graham
Cherine and Howard Janzen
Lou Kerr
Robin and Ron LaButti
Mary Anne and C.S. Lewis
Jose and Laura Medina
Ruth Kaiser Nelson
Cindy and Michael Noland
Frances O'Hornett
Jennifer and Tom Palmer
June Patton and David Hogan
Beth and Jim Rainey
Dale and Ron Roberson
Jane Sneed
Summit Bank
Lacy and Al Whitehead
Richard Williford, in honor of Mollie Williford
Milt Wolff
Dr. Robert Brooks
Rita and George Singer
Jane and Bruce G. Weber
Paul Williams
Debbie and Steve Wilson

Lucy and John Barker
Sharon King Davis
Paula Jenkins
Joele Frank, Wilkinson, Brimmer, Katcher
Nancy and Peter Meinig
Dena and George Nowotny
Isabel Sanditen
Barbara and Jane Sylvan
Steve Wright, in honor of Monica Basu
Zarrow Families Foundation

*as of March 2, 2012

The Icons and Idols advisory committee, chaired by Jackie Kouri and Gary Paxton with Honorary Chair Mollie Williford, is composed of Jennifer and Ryan Alden,
Amy Anderson,
Alison Anthony,
Billie and Howard Barnett,
Mary Wheeler and Spencer Brown,
Erin and Don Chappel,
Pat Chernicky,
Rosalie Childs,
Jessica and Aaron Clark,
Jill and Mike Cooper,
Rebecca Creal,
Becky Dixon and Patrick Keegan,
Wendy and Gentner Drummond,
Charlotte and Wade Edmundson,
Stephen Edwards and Tim Monnot,
Cheryl and John Forrest,
Janie and Earl Funk,
Sarah Jane and Matt Gillett,
Kirsten and Mark Graham,
Sandy and Steve Holloway,
Joan and Bob Hunt,
Cherine and Howard Janzen,
Rebecca Joskey,
Andy Kinslow,
Suzanne and Jim Kneale,
Marian and Jim McCarthy,
Nicole Morgan,
Cindy and Michael Noland,
Mia Oven,
Kathleen Page and Michael Graves,
June Patton and David Hogan,
Mark Perkins,
Betty and Steve Pirnat,
Cassie Reese,
Hannah and Joe Robson,
Isaac Rocha,
Juley Roffers and Jim Langdon,
Justine Rusk,
Rita and George Singer,
Georgia and Ken Snoke,
Dustin Thames,
Peter Walter,
Kathy and Bob West,
Paul Williams,
Debbie and Steve Wilson,
Rachel Zebrowski and Ben Costello.

The auction committee, chaired by Marian and Jim McCarthy, includes Rebecca Creal,
Wendy and Gentner Drummond,
Stephen Edwards and Tim Monnot,
Rebecca Joskey,
Michael Noland,
Kathleen Page and Michael Graves,
Cassie Reese,
Isaac Rocha and
Kathy and Bob West.

The luxury auction items and raffle items at Tulsa Ballet’s Icons and Idols are available for preview and purchase on the website www.IconsandIdols.org. Please see listing below for more details.