Apr 23, 2013 in 12-13 Season Releases

Performance features three world premiere pieces created especially for Tulsa Ballet
Local guest dance companies will perform as openers at select performances

TULSA, Okla. – April 22, 2013 – From May 3–12, 2013, Tulsa Ballet presents its final performance of the 2012–2013 season, Off the Floor: Creations in Studio K. Creations in Studio K provides choreographers and dancers alike the opportunity to be part of a remarkable creative process, the outcome of which is the creation of three brand new works for our audience by three accomplished choreographers. Additionally, Tulsa Ballet, in an effort to promote the local dance scene, will feature local dance companies 30 minutes prior to the beginning of Off the Floor: Creations in Studio K.

All performances will take place at Tulsa Ballet’s Studio K in Brookside (1212 East 45th Place South). For tickets, please call (918) 749-6006 or visit us online at www.tulsaballet.org.

“I assigned the task to close our season to three dance makers of national and international relevance: Ma Cong, Matthew Neenan and Nicolo Fonte,” Artistic Director Marcello Angelini said.

Ma Cong - Juxtaposed

Tulsa Ballet’s own Ma Cong was named one of the “25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine for both his dancing and his choreography. The unique choreographic style of this Tulsa favorite dance maker is rooted in both in his classical and neo-classical experience with Tulsa Ballet as well as his early training in Chinese dance. Juxtaposed was inspired by an assortment of non-classical cello tracks.

“I intended to allow the music to drive the choreography rather than a literal theme. As a result, this work is truly a physical interpretation of the music,” Cong said. “The dancers’ movement is designed to be demonstrative of the contrasting tones of the music.”

“Ma Cong, Tulsa Ballet’s resident choreographer, has created close to a dozen works for our company. He continues to grow as a choreographer, his engagements to create works for other national organizations increasing each year,” Angelini said.

Matthew Neenan – The Fullest Recreation

As Resident Choreographer for the Pennsylvania Ballet and co-founder of BAlletX, Matthew Neenan has choreographed for many of the country’s major ballet companies. According to the New York Times, Neenan “has a freshly imaginative way with movement and an eye for fresh stage picture.” He is the recipient of many awards for his choreography, including the Choo San Goh Award and the Jerome Robbins New Fellowship award.

For The Fullest Recreation, Neenan let the dancers inform the direction of the piece organically. “I’ve been wanting to choreograph [at Tulsa Ballet] for awhile now,” Neenan said. “I knew I wanted it to have a strong ensemble cast, but I came in pretty naked. I was inspired by the music, Dvorak’s String Quartet No. 9 in D Minor. It’s very sophisticated and dramatic with a sense of folk – it invokes a feeling that you’re part of a society.”

Nicolo Fonte – Axis Mundi

Nicolo Fonte, Resident Choreographer of Compania Nacional de Dansa with Nacho Duato, has developed a unique choreographic voice with his daring and original approach to dance. “Fonte creates open situations, fills them with strong, abstract movement vocabulary without any superfluous décor,” Martina Wohlthat of Basler Zeitung said.

“In assembling the music, I began to sense a flow of dynamic energy… that made dramatic sense to me. I wanted to compliment and contrast the rhythms and tensions of the music,” Fonte said. “There is also a strong visual component that is integral to the work - meaning the dancers are involved with shaping and reshaping a scenic element on stage that relates directly to the title of the work.”

“Nicolo Fonte returns to create a work for us after a ten year absence from Tulsa,” Angelini said. “His first piece for our company, Inside the Figure, was an instant hit with the audience and dancers. His works have now graced the stage of a host of top international companies. I am so happy to see him back in Tulsa after a decade, during which time he transitioned from a very talented young choreographer to an international star.”

Guest Dance Companies to Perform
As part of the May 9-12 performances of Off the Floor: Creations in Studio K, Tulsa Ballet will feature local dance organizations 30 minutes prior to the main show in an effort to champion and promote the growth of the field of dance in the city and the state of Oklahoma. Companies include Bell House Arts, Jennifer Mellor Dance Project, Living Water, Portico Dans Theatre and Tulsa Modern Movement. For a complete schedule, visit www.tulsaballet.org.

About Tulsa Ballet’s Studio K
Tulsa Ballet’s performance space, Studio K, opened in the heart of Brookside in 2008, and serves as one of Tulsa’s most unique performance venues. With only 295 seats and a full sized stage, Studio K provides the opportunity for Tulsans to witness the power and athleticism of professional dancers up close and personal. A state-of-the-art sound system and stadium seating add to the experience.

Studio K was designed for the purpose of creating new ballet works in Tulsa to be shared with the world. Each season, Tulsa Ballet enlists the talents of rising choreographers to present premiere performances that will go on to be presented by other ballet companies all over the globe. Not only does this provide a truly unique experience for local audiences, but it helps put Tulsa on the map as an international leader in the world of professional dance. Thus, Tulsa Ballet plays an active role in shaping the future of ballet as an art form and the next generation of dance enthusiasts.