Meet the Tulsa Ballet II Dancers: No. 5

Nov 27, 2013 in 13-14 Season Releases

The Men and Women of Tulsa Ballet II


Mason: I'm not much for traditions, especially since the past few years have been different every time. But I always love eating good food and being with good friends. And then the day after is officially (at least for me) Christmas Season! :)

Silas: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having turkey. Then I take the best nap out of the whole year.
Grace: One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is going to my grandparent's house. All of my aunts, uncles, and cousins come and we have Thanksgiving dinner and then we just hang out and visit for the rest of the day.
Bobbie Lynn: My family actually doesn't really have any traditions, but I really just love getting to spend time with my family and cooking a big dinner!!!

Julian: I don’t think you need a day or month to be grateful, you should be grateful always. But I do enjoy all the food there is to eat as well as the leftovers. I also liked it [Thanksgiving] more before when I could spend it with my family! It has been a while since then so now it’s kind of a reminder that I haven't seen them in a while. In PA I had a nice little "family" but none the less I still missed my mom and little brother.

Nikolas: My family's Thanksgiving tradition is that we make cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then we watch the [Macy’s] Thanksgiving Day parade. After that we have a small brunch. Then, if there is football we turn on the TV. Lastly, we eat turkey, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, and green beans.

Lindsay: Every year, my family spends Thanksgiving at my aunt's house, and it's great to spend some time with my cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. We bring Melissa's cupcakes from New York City, which is always the favorite dessert. :)

Christy: A thanksgiving tradition that happens in my family is we all go up to my aunt's ski house in the mountains of West Virginia and spend all day cooking, and the rest of the day eating. While we are doing that we feed the deer that come to front of the house, play lots of board games that make us all laugh, and if it's snowing we will also make a snowman in the yard.

Regina: I love getting together with my family for Thanksgiving and catching up with my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. I haven't been home for Thanksgiving in so many years and I definitely miss that part of Thanksgiving the most. One tradition I have kept up over every Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie! :)

Jason: I really don't have any Thanksgiving traditions. My family has never before celebrated Thanksgiving. It simply wasn't something they adopted since they came to America. I'm just happy we get time off... :)

Xavier: I don’t really have any tradition....but my favorite part is being with people I care about and also the most obvious, eating! I guess one thing I always do is call my family and wish them a happy holiday.

Sarah: My family has a lovely habit of picking at the chocolate covered pretzels for dessert before the main course is even served. But my favorite tradition is the preparation; I love helping my mom put out all the nice dishes and set the table beautifully.