Tulsa Ballet stages 'Cinderella' this Valentine's Weekend

Jan 28, 2014 in 13-14 Season Releases

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Tulsa Ballet presents Ben Stevenson's Cinderella, February 14-16 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Audiences will get swept up in the romance of the fairy tale they know and love, when a prince, a fairy godmother, one lost glass slipper – and a little magic – help bring a young girl’s dream to life.

The ballet follows the familiar story of Cinderella, forced into a life of servitude by her stepmother and constantly tormented by her stepsisters. Left alone as her family heads off to the lavish ball being thrown for the Prince, a fairy godmother visits Cinderella. Granting Cinderella’s wish to attend the ball, she enlists some magic to transform Cinderella and her surroundings, including that famous pumpkin-turned-carriage. At the ball, the Prince becomes enamored with Cinderella, but as the clock strikes midnight, the magic begins to wear off, and Cinderella vanishes, leaving behind just a glass slipper. The ballet is infused with a healthy dose of humor, largely from the ugly stepsisters, performed in this production by two men.

“There are dozens of major ballet productions of Cinderella being performed around the world, not to mention the countless theater and film adaptations of the material over the last 50 years,” Tulsa Ballet Artistic Director Marcello Angelini said. “The reason for Cinderella’s popularity is not just that it's a love story, but all the elements the story contains: honesty and kindness win out over cruelty and treachery, love knows no social or economic boundaries, and everyone has a Fairy Godmother that will see our talents and help us fulfill our dreams. Cinderella embodies so many of our human dreams and aspirations.”

The production is choreographed by Ben Stevenson, who served for nearly 30 years as Artistic Director of Houston Ballet and made a name for the company internationally. Stevenson has created an enviable catalogue of beloved works performed by top companies around the world, including Tulsa Ballet’s recent production of Dracula. Called by Salt Lake’s Deseret News, “his masterpiece”, Stevenson’s Cinderella is perhaps the most widely performed of all his works.

“Ben Stevenson's seminal staging of Cinderella strikes the perfect balance between romance, well-paced storytelling, remarkable choreography, and beautiful visuals,” Angelini said. “Having seen about a dozen versions of Cinderella over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that none of them can hold a candle to his. Stevenson’s continues to be the most complete, heartwarming and humorous among all of them – one of the best of all time!”

Performances of Cinderella will be accompanied live by Tulsa Symphony Orchestra. For tickets call (918) 749–6006 or visit www.tulsaballet.org.