Nikolas Gaifullin

TBII Member

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Nikolas was born and raised in Sarasota, FL as well as Santiago, Chile and Amarillo, TX.
He began his ballet training in the family garage and has been training with his parents, Stephanie Murrish and Daniil Gaifullin ever since. He joined Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education in 2010 and has performed student roles with the Tulsa Ballet in Mr. Angelini’s The Nutcracker, Winter Celebration, The Last Dance and Tulsa Ballet II outreach shows. He has had the opportunity to work with Ma Cong on a competition solo Angelo. Nikolas has been a guest performer on his own as well as with his parents at different schools all over the country. He has competed in the YAGP since 2005-2012 and has received numerous awards in both semi-final and final rounds of competition, as well as scholarship offers. In 2007, he performed in the international Spoleto Festival in Italy, and in 2008 was featured in Dance Magazine article “Child Prodigies”. In 2012 he was Silver Medalist in the World Ballet Competition. His roles include the Nutcracker Prince, Chinese, and Schoolboy in The Nutcracker, Ivan in Firebird, White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, the Jester in Swan Lake, Bluebird in Aurora’s Wedding, Shades of Beethoven, and TBCDE repertoire in the End of Year Performances. This is Nikolas’ first year in TBII.